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about nisha pro

Nisha Pro is a leading supplier of out sourced technological resources and services that are tailored to fit business and operational needs.  Nisha Pro delivers high quality with a personal touch and an end to end service experience, from defining needs all the way till employee start date.

Nisha Pro, as part of the Nisha group, is the proud owner of the leading local data base, giving us the ability to locate and fill your needs with high quality employees in a timely fashion; we will share our long standing experience and professional knowledge in order to fill your our customers' needs.

Our motto at Nisha Pro is "timely quality", based on our one stop shop, professional know how and high quality delivery – we translate your needs into dynamic and focused solutions.

Nisha Pro's solutions cover a wide range of technological needs such as: Net-Object Oriented, C++, Java and more, within a high number of operating systems, data bases, security solutions, systems analysis, design methodologies, advanced multimedia and mobile development.

The Nisha Pro Value Offering

• Managed Services for all hi tech needs
• In depth understanding of the business and technological ecosystem – well connected with the business and its needs, understanding technological trends and putting on place solutions
• Knowledge and experience – our team is highly experienced in the world of out-sourcing together with experience in senior HR positions
• Enriched candidate data base – our high quality candidate data based is based on the Nisha Group's leading hi tech data base
• Our sourcing department is well seasoned in actively  locating high quality candidates based on customers' needs
• Personal touch – Each customer has their own Account Manager, delivering personal and professional service all along the process
• Full flexibility employment model  - creating the ability for short and long range hiring needs, including replacements (maternity leave, short term projects and more) and full transparency
• Familiarity with a wide range of companies and their DNA, corporate culture and the unique structure of the business and its needs.

We deliver a professional and streamlined end to end process of professional recruitment fully adapted to our customers' needs.  Our value offering is backed and supported by the Nisha Group – with 17 years of experience in delivering HR and recruitment solution in Israel. 

These benefits assist us in managing a professional process fully tailored to customer needs, providing quality solutions for all enterprise computing needs and thus generating considerable savings of resources and time management that allow the client to focus on his core business.
We maintain a high level of service with a smile. We see ourselves as a full partner in our customer's success and invite you to join us in this journey.

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